Frequently Asked Questions

Information about the challenge, how to participate, and more.

What is the challenge?

Stay in the Game is a six-week gaming challenge run by ACH Group encouraging older Australians to play video games to increase exercise, fun and friendship with friends and family. The six-week challenge begins on April 19 and if you live in Australia and are aged 65 and over you can register. By participating in the challenge, you’ll play video and online games with the aim of increasing physical activity and social connection, as you can play with friends and family. Throughout the challenge, through the online 'Challenge Portal', you can set and track your gaming goals, like how many hours you play a week with family, and there are weekly prizes and four major prizes to be won (South Australian residents only).


Through the challenge website, we’ll offer a list of recommended games that been curated for fitness and social play in-mind. These games are experiences geared towards helping you stay fit, and helping you play online with friends or family

How do I participate?


Join the Challenge and chat with other participants

  • The first thing you need to do is to join the challenge. You can do this by pressing the large 'Pre-register now' button in the banner on the main page of the challenge website or by clicking here.

  • In the 'Challenge Portal'  you'll find the discussion group we’ve created to help you connect with other participants. Through this group you can have discussions, receive updates, and share your gaming experiences and recommendations.


Set your gaming goals

  • From Monday 19th April 'Set your Gaming Goals' through the challenge portal

  • Example goals: how many hours you want to play for the week with others, how many new people you want to play with, or how many new games you want to try for the week, or how much physical activity you wish to have with video games for the week

  • It's entirely up to you how you want to challenge yourself!


Find and play games you like

  • Two weeks prior to the challenge, we'll be publishing on this website a list of recommended video games you can try out, and a list of tips to help you get started.

  • Our games list has been curated with physical fitness and social play in-mind.

  • You can play any video game you like whether it's from our curated list or games you might already be playing!


Share what you've achieved

  • Friday of each week check-in with us through the 'Challenge Portal' to reflect on your gaming week.

  • Example questions: How did you feel during the week, did you achieve your goals you set out at the start of the week,  which games did you play, and how long did you play video games?

  • Once you've set your goals and reflected on them you'll automatically be put in the draw each week to win a prize!


Share your story with us and win major prizes

  • As you play games, set your goals, and reflect on them through the challenge you'll no doubt have some stories to tell us about your experiences. We would love to hear them!

  • We have four major prizes available for those who send us their stories about how gaming has helped them throughout the challenge.

  • For more information and to submit your stories visit the Prizes page.

What are the prizes?

The Stay in the Game Challenge has a variety of prizes are available for all participants residing in South Australia. To enter, submit your gaming stories through the online portal (which will become available when the challenge begins) and it will be reviewed by a small panel of judges. For more information on the different prizes available please visit the prizes page here.

How much does it cost to join?

It’s absolutely free to join the Stay in the Game Challenge! This challenge can be done from the comfort of your own home, just sign up online using the join button on the home screen of this website.

What equipment do I need?

Participating in this challenge relies on you supplying your own equipment. To access the online challenge portal, you need a device with the ability to access the internet, and you require a smartphone or computer at minimum to play a game in our recommendations list (coming soon)

Can I get help?

If you require tailored assistance or advice to find suitable video games, or assistance with device set up and coaching ACH Group can provide assistance through it's ACH Group Smart Technology service. This service can help you stay connected and independent in your own home. Please note that there is eligibility criteria that applies. For more information please visit the ACH website or click here.

Are there face to face sessions I can join?

We understand that not everyone has access to gaming consoles or equipment or may not know others who play games. For this, we will be running Stay in the Game ‘Arcade’ sessions at a variety of locations across South Australia throughout the six weeks of the challenge. For more information on this please sign up to the challenge and keep an eye out on our website as we’ll be announcing more on this soon.

I’ve never played a game before; how do I start?

That’s okay! Playing a game isn’t as difficult as you might think. If you have a phone or a computer, then you’re ready to go. We have a variety of tips and tricks that can help you, as a beginner, get started and involved with playing video games – coming soon.

Do I need internet?

To engage with others and play online, you will require internet. There are some games that may only require the use of internet once to download or update, and then can be played in an offline mode. For more information please visit the recommended games list on this site.

Can I play on my phone?

Yes, you certainly can! We understand that not everyone has access to gaming consoles, so we’ve added games that can be played on your smartphone or computer to the list of recommended games on our site.

Can I play games with other people who are doing the challenge?

Yes you can! If you’re a Facebook user we have a Facebook group dedicated to meeting other challengers and finding partners to play with online, check it out here. We also have discussion group (coming soon) that you can access by heading over to the challenge portal. This discussion group allows you to post, find friends, and more.

What games could I play that young family members will enjoy?

We have a variety of games that can be enjoyed with young family members. To find this and other games that might be suitable, along with tips and recommendations, please visit our Find your Game page on this website. You will find an easy to navigate page filled with recommendations of fun, and engaging games to suit your preferences.

Is this open to everyone?

The Stay in the Game Challenge is open nationwide to all older Australians over the age of 65. To qualify for the Challenge prize pool, you must be over the age of 65 and live within South Australia.

Do I have to be over 65?

To qualify for the Challenge prize pool, you must be over the age of 65 and live within South Australia. But we encourage, young gamers to encourage their older friends or family members to enrol and join in gaming with them.