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Facebook Instant Games



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Web browser, Facebook App on iPhone, iPad & Android Smartphones and Tablets

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Facebook is the number one social networking working site where you can get connected with family, friends, colleagues and other people you know. On the site, you can share your favorite pictures & videos, make text chats & videos calls and more.

Apart from this, Facebook is one of the best places to play games online. It has thousands of games which you can play alone and with your friends. Facebook 'Instant Games' features thousands of games including some popular ones such as:

  • Pac-man

  • Galaga

  • Arkanoid

  • Space Invaders

  • Words with Friends

  • Everwing

  • Ludo

  • Chess

  • Sudoku

You can challenge your friends or family on Facebook to a game, all through your web browser on your computer, or through the Facebook app on your phone or tablet!


Facebook instant games are played with a mouse while playing on computer, or with a touch screen if you are playing on a phone or tablet. If you find it difficult or have issues with fine motor controller with holding and moving your finger along the touch screen we recommend purchasing a capacitive touch stylus/pen for iPhones, iPads, or Android. A touch stylus/pen can help with control and make it easier to control the screen. For more information on purchasing a touch stylus please visit our tips and advice page here.

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