Let's Sing

Let's Sing



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Nintendo Switch, Xbox, Playstation 4

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About the Game

If you like singing, music, playing with friends, or are part of a choir then this game is perfect for you. Please note there are different versions of this game: there are the standard games which have a yearly release cycle like Let's Sing 2019, 2020, 2021 and then there is a special 'Queen' edition which features songs from the iconic band, Queen. There are also other songs you may purchase through the digital store in the game, these can be purchased with the Nintendo online payment system, which means with a Visa, Mastercard, PayPal, or Nintendo vouchers from participating retailers.

This game features local multiplayer compatibility allowing you to play with friends or familly in the same room using multiple microphones, or multiple smartphones.

It also features an online scoreboard or leader board allowing for passive online competitive play. Meaning, you sing, receive a score, and try beat your friends and family's scores.


This game works by singing into either a microphone or a smart phone through an application. We recommend purchasing the game bundle that comes with microphone(s) as there is a minimal price difference.

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