Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go


Adventure, Family & Social

Available on

iPhone, iPad & Android Smartphones and Tablets

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About the Game

Pokemon Go is an mobile game for iPhone and Android Smartphones. It encourages people to go outside and explore the real-world, to collect pokemon and tokens using their phone's camera.

This game is more a social/adventure game than a fitness one, although it does encourage stepping out of your comfort zone, going outside to catch pokemon. For those interested in bug catching, and collecting as a hobby, or going for long walks, this is a great game to try out.


  • Because this game requires going out in public to engage with real-world locations it requiers a certain level of mobility. We would recommend this game to those who are mobile and able to move around for a prolonged period of time.

  • This game also requires touching, pressing, and dragging fingers on the touch screen. For those famliar with using a smartphone, this would be a similar experience.

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