Ring Fit Adventure

Ring Fit Adventure


Sports, Fitness, & Rhythm

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Nintendo Switch

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About the Game

Ring Fit is a physical exercise game in which the player engages with the game through a pilates fitness ring and a leg strap. Through the use of these two items, the player can push, pull, and work on a variety of differnet muscle groups from the comfort of their own home.

Some other features include:

  •  Adventure mode involves a story, and has a variety of excercises including running on the spot, squatting, squeezing and pulling the ring. 

  • Quick Play contains a variety of game modes which contain different activities. The selection screen for each acivity will indicate the muscle groups that will be targeted throughout the activity. This is a great way of understanding what activities to pick depending on level of mobility.

  • The 'Simple' one has a series of different but simple tasks that the player can complete e.g. see how many squeezes you can do with the ring fit within 1 minute.

  • The 'mini games' mode has a variety of fun games that are short and require a range of differnet motions depending on the game.

  • The 'sets' mode is more like a guided workout, and less gamified. It also indicates the muscle groups that the set will target and focus on.

  • The 'jogging' mode is a mode where the player runs on the spot. This required standing and jogging on the spot which may be difficult.

  • Multitask mode involves the player squeezing the ringfit, passively, while they watch TV or do other activities. It only requires using the ring controller.

  • Rhythm Mode is a music mode where players squeeze/pull on a musical beat.


  • This game involves using a ringfit accessory to excercise in the game. It features a variety of game modes including: Adventure, Quick Play, Custom Sets, Multitask Mode, and Rhythm Mode. The game has accessibility options, and customisations depending on the game mode, with the ability to change the amount of strength required to squeeze/pull the controller.

  • We recommend players understand their limitations and choose game modes depending on their level of mobility.

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