About the Game

Where on Google Earth is Carmen Sandiego: The Crown Jewels is an online educational mystery game that  utilizes Google Earth. Players must use their knowledge to find Carmen Sandiego or any of her innumerable henchmen.

Just like the classic Carmen Sandiego PC games from the 1990s, players solve puzzles by visiting different landmarks, talking to locals, to figure out Sandiego's next destination from their clues.

This game series on Google Earth features three games:

  1. Carmen Sandiego: The Crown Jewels Caper

  2. Carmen Sandiego: The Tutankhamun's Mask Caper

  3. Carmen Sandiego: The Keys to the Kremlin Caper

All three of these games and more can be played by visiting the 'Voyager' section of the Google Earth website or the app. The Voyager section can be accessed by clicking the icon on the left of the screen that looks like a ship's wheel.


It is advised to stretch when playing games for prolonged periods of time. It’s recommended for everyone to take at least a 10-minute break from gaming every hour. For more information on stretching exercises please visit our Tips, Guides, and Advice page for a free five-step stretch program.

If you find it difficult or have issues with fine motor controller with holding and moving your finger along the touch screen we recommend purchasing a capacitive touch stylus/pen for iPhones, iPads, or Android. A touch stylus/pen can help with control and make it easier to control the screen. For more information on purchasing a touch stylus please visit our tips and advice page here.

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