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Yoga Master


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Nintendo Switch

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About the Game

Yoga Master is an easy to play game that guides the player to engage in yoga, it has great level of visual and auditory feedback. The game measures the player's balance using the two motion controllers. Game has been built via collaboration of professional yoga coaches.


  • This game can be modified depending on the level of mobility the player has. Some activities within the game require the player to stretch on the floor, which is not be suitable for all.

  • We recommend creating custom 'routines' which allow the player to create a series of exercises from a library allowing them to create ones more suitable to the player's mobility. For example, the player could create a routine with stretches only targeting upper body and don't involve floor work.

  • The difficulty of excercises can be identified based on the colours they are highlighted with. These range from Easy, Medium, to Pro (involving holding one leg up, stretching on the ground, etc.)

  • Given that tracking occurs with hand movements, it is possible to only play the game sitting down - albeit the player isn't doing complex pro routines which involve physically going on the floor.

  • Also remember to ensure that the handstrap of each controller/joycon is firmly secure on your wrist.

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