Tips, Guides, and Advice

Some information that can help you for when you're purchasing, tailoring, or playing with games.

Making sure you stretch

It's important that playing games doesn't compromise our health. Doing proper exercises can reduce pain and fatigue from playing games for prolonged periods of time. It’s recommended for everyone to take at least a 10-minute break from gaming every hour, and we've developed stretching exercises to guide you to stretch. To view our stretch exercises please click here to download our five-step free stretch program PDF.*

* Please always seek advice from a qualified health professional before undertaking any exercise program.

Boxing Practice
How an Exercise Physiologist can help you Stay in the Game

An Exercise Physiologist (EP) can assist with finding and prescribing games and equipment that will support you with the more physical games and encourage you to keep fit during the Challenge. They will be able to incorporate video games into a care plan if you need to manage a medical condition or an injury, or if you are simply looking to keep fit. To get some help from an Exercise Physiologist please click here to download our information guide on how an exercise physiologist can help you get access to games and equipment.*

* Please always seek advice from a qualified health professional before undertaking any exercise program.

Elderly Woman at Gym
How an Occupational Therapist can help you Stay in the Game

With the help of an Occupational Therapist (OT), anyone is able to participate in the Stay in the Game challenge. OT’s can assist in finding the appropriate equipment or making modifications to your own equipment to ensure to ensure you’re able to comfortably take part in the challenge. To find out how an OT can help you get connected please click here to download our information guide on how an Occupational Therapist can help you get access to games and equipment.*

* Please always seek advice from a qualified health professional before undertaking any exercise program.

A woman reading on her tablet device
Funding options available for the Stay in the Game Challenge

If you are wanting to get involved with the Challenge but are concerned about the potential cost of devices and equipment, there may be some funding options available to you, depending on your eligibility. An Occupational Therapist (OT) or Exercise Physiologist (EP) may determine that devices such as a Nintendo Switch or an iPad may be necessary as part of your care needs, thus one of the options available may help cover some or all of the costs. To find out what funding options are available please click here to download our information guide on funding options available.*

* Please always seek advice from a qualified health professional before undertaking any exercise program.

Being cyber-safe when playing online

When browsing the web, or playing video games online that you protect your information, think critically, and be smart. More information on how to stay safe while playing online can be found on the Australian Government's BeConnected site here. Additionally, on the same site you can also find a free guide designed to help grandparents connect with their grandkids through technology here, and a whole series of eSafety guides for many games too here.

Purchasing a Nintendo Switch Console with bright controllers

When purchasing a Nintendo Switch console we recommend purchasing one where the controllers are a bright colour, as opposed to black/grey controllers as it sometimes can be difficult to see the small buttons on the controller. By purchasing a bright console, like the example above, you're able to identify the buttons easier.

How to play online with Nintendo Switch

To play online with friends on Nintendo Switch you'll need to have a Nintendo Switch Online Membership. There are different costs for an individual membership, and the costs vary depending on the length of the membership. You can purchase this directly on your Nintendo Console, or alternatively you can purchase Nintendo gift vouchers in-store at participating Coles or Woolworths. For more information on online memberships visit the Nintendo online webpage here. The next step is to add your friends online and this can be done by exchanging friend codes with each other, for more information on this visit the Nintendo Guide on exchanging friend codes here.

Where can I purchase video games?

Depending on what you're looking to purchase, you can visit a variety of stores in-person or shop online to purchase video game consoles, accessories, and games. We recommend visiting EB Games for purchasing game consoles, and also JB HiFi for more general electronics like a phone or tablet. Both of these retailers, have online storefronts too and they can be found at the JB HiFi website here, and the EB Games website here.

How can I purchase games on my phone/tablet?

To purchase apps on your iPad you can either purchase directly with Visa, Mastercard, or Paypal on your device. Alternatively, you can purchase Google Play gift cards (for Android) or Apple gift cards (for iPhones and iPads) from Coles and Woolworths and use those gift cards on your device/account. A guide for gift cards for your Google/Android phone can be found here, or if you own an iPhone or iPad follow this guide to redeem your Apple gift card.

Video Game controllers for accessibility

There are different controllers that can help with accessibility, and it depends on which console you already have.


For the Nintendo Switch you can purchase a 'Hori Fighting Stick' from EB Games exclusively, which features larger buttons and a larger joystick making it easier for those with reduced mobility to play games that require pressing buttons.

When playing racing games on Nintendo Switch, you can purchase a Racing Wheel Pro Deluxe which is a large steering wheel making racing games an experience as if you were driving a car in real-life. The Mario Kart Racing Wheel Pro Deluxe for Nintendo Switch is the larger version of the two (suitable for adults) and can be purchased from EB Games exclusively. Some compatible games include: Mario Kart 8, Fast RMX, GRID Autosport, Gear Club Unlimited 2, Horizon Chase Turbo, Road Redemption. Research online to find out if your game is supported before purchasing.

If you own an Xbox, Microsoft makes an 'Xbox Adaptive Controller' which has a strong focus on accessibility and customisation. This controller only works on the Xbox One and Series X / Series S game consoles and is available for purchase from Microsoft online here.

Purchasing a stylus for touch screen phones and tablets

Styluses are devices designed to interact with the touch screen of your device in the same way as your fingers do but allowing greater precision. If you find it difficult or have issues holding and moving your finger along the touch screen we recommend purchasing a capacitive touch stylus/pen for your iPhone, iPad, or Android. A touch stylus/pen can help with control and make it easier to control the screen. 

Capacitive styluses can be found at various department stores (JB HiFi, Officeworks) around South Australia. For example, Officeworks stocks a 'Targus' stylus for $12 RRP on their site or in-store.